If you're a PC network administrator or a DOS command line aficionado, you'll want to pick up the latest release of Clay's Utilities for DOS Batch Processes. More than a batch programmer's delight, they're also quite useful at the command line. Even if you spend all your time in Windows, you'll find a tool there called FILEDATA that can help you resolve DLL conflicts on your system, plus an additional set of utilities designed especially for use in the Win32 command console.

In the past I've pursued other interests such as entomology; in particular, the Monarch butterfly. We once raised as many as 230 of them in our home in a single season (2001 record). Visit my Monarch Butterfly page for detailed info, photos, and full-motion digital videos showing the most amazing events in the Monarch's development. You can download the videos (MPEG format) for non-profit personal or educational use.

Another area of interest is astronomy. Here you'll find some of my own humble attempts at astrophotography, as well as some links to places where you'll find the work of the pros.

I'm a member of an informal tape club. No, this isn't another Columbia House or BMG; it's a group of technically-oriented friends who circulate taped discussions amongst themselves. This link takes you to a page set up by one of its other members.

Speaking of tape recording, I have been a tape recorder nut since I was only 5 years old -- over half a century! Over the years I have recorded some unusual events and on-location sounds of places that no longer exist. Hear some of them on my nostalgic audio and sound effects page.

I don't care much for most popular music, but I love smooth jazz, and one artist whom I find particularly outstanding is Keiko Matsui, a Japanese pianist with an awesome musical talent. Check out her web site for music samples, links to online CD vendors, and much more!

If you have any questions about my utility pack or anything else you find here, you can send me mail. I can't guarantee a speedy response, but you will receive a personal reply, not an automated one.

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